Maple Oatmeal Bread

A Delicous way to start the day.

Our maple oatmeal bread is satisfying and wholesome. There is nothing better to reward hard work than with a warm slice of our Maple Oatmeal bread, fresh from the oven

Makes 2 Loaves (i  typically double this and make it for the week)

1 Cup Old Fashioned Style Oatmeal

1/2 Cup Whole Wheat Flour

1/2 Cup Granulated Maple Sugar (available on our website)

1 Tbl. Salt

2 Tbl. Unsalted Butter 

Combine in a large bowl the above ingredients.

Pour 2 Cups of boiling water over the oatmeal, butter, salt and maple sugar and stir well. Let sit until cool to 115 f degrees.

Dissolve 1 pkg of yeast in 1/2 cup water that is between 110-120 degrees.

Once this has activated the yeast and is foaming, add to the cooled oatmeal batter.

Stir in 5 Cups (600 gr.) King Arthur All Purpose Flour

Knead 10 minutes. This is a sticky dough and i often reserve the last cup to use as my finisher. If needed (depending on humidity level of home) you may find you add a bit more but try to keep it a bit on the sticky side.

Put dough in clean, greased bowl or tub, cover and let rise to double (about a half hour)

Divide into two loaves and put into greased pans, allow to rise again and Bake at 350 for about 40 minutes (insert thermometer and should read 190) 

for added flair you can spritz (do not overdo this) the loaves on the final rise with water and add some oatmeal for that bakery style look.

Turn out of pans onto a cooling rack and allow to cool before slicing. Good luck with that !!