Q. What are the different grades of Maple Syrup?

A. This is explained on our Maple Grade's Page, but essentially the different grades are categorized by color and flavor. They all have the same sugar content and density. Some people prefer the lighter taste of Golden Color Delicate Taste (Fancy) compared to the Dark Color Strong Taste (Grade B). Most people prefer to be somewhere in the middle Amber Color Rich Taste (Medium Amber). The important part is that they are all delicious!

Q. Do you add anything to the syrup?

A. The only ingredient in our maple syrup is Pure Maple Sap. The process is very simple you simply concentrate the sugars and trace minerals in the sap until it is 66.9% Sugar. Then it is Maple Syrup! We do mix in Filter Aid which is removed when we filter the syrup, it is the same technology that is used to filter beer or wine and gives syrup that crystal clear look.

Q. Is Dubie Family Maple Organic?

A. Yes, we are certified by Vermont Organic Farmers (VOF). This process is more than just making sure we don't add anything to our syrup, It also goes into the health and maintenance of our sugaring woods to ensure it will be just as healthy for generations to come.

Q. How do I store my Maple Syrup?

A. Maple Syrup should be stored in a cool dry place such as a pantry before being opened. After opening it should be kept in the refrigerator. It can also be stored in the freezer if it is needed to be stored for an extended period of time.

Q. When is the Maple Season?

A. Maple Syrup can only be produced in the spring, our typical season is from late February though late April. We are harvesting a very small percentage of the sap the tree is sending from its roots to create new leaves in the spring. The weather in the spring greatly affects our Maple Syrup production. The Ideal weather is to be 40°F and sunny during the day and 25°F at night, this allows the trees to thaw during the day and freeze at night allowing them time to recover extending the time they will yield sap.