Vermont Sugarmakers of the Year

06 August, 2020

What a year 2020 has been !! 

can I get an AMEN

We are humbled to have received the Vermont Sugarmaker of the Year Award. We have the best team of guys working the woods to bring in the sap and then boil it into the maple syrup you have come to love. Check our website for all that we offer. 

Outstanding Sugarmaker Award: Dubie Family Maple

This award is presented to a Vermont sugar maker, individual, or family by the VMSMA BOD. The recommended qualifications for this award are setting a good example for other sugar makers to follow in cleanliness, food safety, and production practices. In addition, nominees for this award help the maple industry by participating in county and statewide fairs for promotion and educating future sugar makers and the general public on the benefits of pure Vermont maple syrup. 

This year’s winner has built an impressive sugaring operation in Fairfield, Vermont with hard work and pride since the year 2000. The operation has grown over the years and the next generation has become intricately involved. Their certified organic maple syrup has been served at White House. This year’s Outstanding Sugar Maker Award is awarded to Dubie Family Maple - Mark, Marianne, and Nate.