Sugaring 2015 has begun!

13 March, 2015

Dubie Family Maple is happy to announce that our 2015 Sugaring Season has officially begun!

The trees have all been tapped, the lines have been checked, the equipment and staff were all ready and rearing to go. . .  all we were waiting on was Mother Nature! She finally delivered with some warmer weather up here in the heart of Vermont maple country. And by warm, I mean just over freezing. (As you may know the reason we need the temperature to be over the freezing point is so the Sugar Maple Trees can start sending sap to its branches in order to make leaves. The trees cannot send sap up if it's frozen.) With the start of warmer weather upon us and the sap flowing, Dubie Family Maple was able to start collecting sap which is boiled down to make delicious Maple Syrup!

We had our first boil of 2015 yesterday and were able to produce 125 gallons of Vermont Pure Organic Maple Syrup with the sap made from the first "run" of the season.

At Dubie Family Maple we use a steam boiler to help us concentrate sap into Maple Syrup. A fun addition added by Co-founder and Lead Sugar Maker, Mark Dubie, this year is a steam whistle connected to our boiler. When Dubie Family Maple staff are boiling, we can pull a cord and a whistle will sound to signify we are makin' maple! Check out the video below taken by Co-Founder, Brian Dubie, as he announces the start of season!


A huge thank you to all of our Friends, Family and Fans! Stay tuned to our blog, website, and Facebook page for more updates and pictures as we get our 2015 Sugaring Season underway!

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