Maple Cream

05 November, 2014

Yesterday the Dubie Family Maple Sugarhouse smelled extra sweet as Marianne whipped up a batch of Maple Cream! We use a special machine that stirs and whips concentrated Organic Dubie Family Maple Syrup. This concentrated syrup is called toffee. You can see in the picture below what the toffee looks like after being whipped up for a few minutes. It begins to have a more creamy caramel like color.

The toffee, now almost cream, continues to churn as it is also stirred by the Cream Maker from the top of the hopper to ensure it is all evenly incorporated. In the picture below you will see what the cream looks like right before we package it up for you to enjoy! It has a wonderfully light color, and it is peanut butter like in its texture. Dubie Family Maple Cream is perfect spread on toast, drizzled over ice cream or stirred into coffee for a sweet morning pick me up!


You can pick up tubs of our freshly made Maple Cream right here from our website, but be warned, it won't last long once you get a taste of this sweet treat! It is available for purchase in half pound or one pound tubs. Enjoy!

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